Gynaecology or gynecology refers to the surgical specialty dealing with diseases of the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina, and ovaries). Literally, outside medicine, it means "the science of women." Almost all modern gynaecologists are also obstetricians.

Product : Eva Gynecological Training Manikin
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB22442U
Description : A lifelike female pelvis for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures, anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation, and speculum instruction. EVA allows the comprehensive, stress free introduction of gynecological examinations, or more advanced tactile comparisons of pelvic pathologic conditions in a classroom setting, easing the way into clinical experience. Constructed of soft, easily cleaned, vinyl materials that approximate skin texture, EVA provides detailed, life-like anatomical features and references. Included are the following interchangeable inserts: normal cervix for IUD insertion and removal, normal parous cervix, cervix with endocervical polyp, cervix with ectropian characteristics, cervix with neoplasia (carcinoma), normal uterus for IUD insertion and removal, pregnant 10-week uterus, and two adnexal masses. Does not include ovaries. Size: 13" x 13" x 12". Manikin comes with instruction sheet and soft nylon bag.


Product : Gynecological Simulator
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB23542U
Description : A state-of-the-art patient care simulator for training in vaginal examination, bi-manual pelvic examination, IUD insertion techniques, and viewing cervical normality vs. abnormalities. Includes seven normal and abnormal uteri, one normal uterus with six detachable cervical replicas, two uteri for IUD introduction, two spare internal tanks, stomach cover, lubricant, and carrying bag. Simulator is also available in black skin tone on a special order basis.

Product : Pelvic Examination Simulator Set
Brand : Nasco
Model : LF01062U / LF01060U normal / LF01061U abnormal
Description :
Life/form® Pelvic Examination Simulators are designed to facilitate the teaching, demonstrating, and practicing of pelvic examination for tumor detection. This Life/form® product consists of a set of two simulators. Each simulator is identical in outward appearance, as each was made from the same mold. However, the palpable internal structure differs. One of the simulators is considered "normal" and contains normal ovaries, cervix, and uterus. The other "abnormal" simulator has an ovarian cyst; the ovary has a solid tumor, and the uterus is indicative of leiomyoma uteri.
Bony landmarks and normal and atypical organs are anatomically correct in size, shape, texture, and location. The tumor and masses are also placed to ensure anatomical accuracy, and they are texturally realistic.
Palpation and manipulation with hands and fingers in and on the internal and external genitalia, abdominal wall, ovaries, and uterus can be performed with very realistic tactile experience. These simulators are intended for digital examination only; use of a vaginal speculum is not recommended.


Product : ZOE® Gynecologic Simulator
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB28796U
Description : Designed by physicians for physicians and healthcare providers, this gynecologic examination simulator combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy. Features: full-size adult female lower torso with relevant internal anatomic landmarks, bi-manual pelvic examination, palpation of normal and pregnant uteri, vaginal examination (including insertion of speculum), visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices, uterine sounding, IUD insertion and removal, contraceptive sponge insertion and removal, female condom insertion and removal, diaphragm and cervical cap insertion and removal, laparoscopic visualization and occlusion of fallopian tubes, minilaparotomy, one anteverted and one retroverted parous uterus, one 10-week pregnant uterus, one postpartum uterus, five normal cervices with patent os, four abnormal cervices, 10 fallopian tubes, realistically sculpted and anatomically accurate ovaries and fimbriae, and uterus and cervix feature patented "screw" design for fast and easy change-out. Simulator comes with talcum powder, K-Y Jelly, instruction manual, and soft nylon carrying bag.



Product : Cervical Replicas
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB43107U
Description : This visual display comes with six cervical replicas, each one representing a different pathological finding. Includes cervix with erosion, cervix with linear laceration, cervix with polyp, cervix with inflamed Nabothian cyst, cervix with acute purulent cervicitis, and cervix with carcinoma. Mounted on smoked Lucite® stand. Also comes with instruction manual.