Breast Care Guidelines

The following guidelines from the American Cancer Society for the early detection of breast cancer are an important part of a woman's health plan:

Age 20-39:

  • Have a clinical breast exam by a doctor or nurse every three years.
  • Do a breast self-exam every month.

Age 40 and over:

  • Have a mammogram every year.
  • Have a clinical breast exam by a doctor or nurse every year.
  • Do a breast self-exam every month.


These ages are used as a guideline. Please notify your physician of any concerns or questions you may have. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, discuss mammography screening guidelines and scheduling with your health care provider.


Product : Breast examination Simulator
Brand : Nasco
Model : LF00984U
Description : Each breast contains abnormalities… the left has a small nodule in the upper outer quadrant and a fibroadenoma in the lower inside quadrant. The right breast has a fixed lump in the upper outer quadrant, a fluid filled cyst in the lower inside quadrant, and a round lump movable discrete mass directly under the nipple. The simulator allows women to practice all phases of breast examination in both a sitting and prone position.


Product : A-B-C Breast examination
Brand : Nasco
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Description : Teaching models available in three different breast (cup) sizes,ncludes small (5 oz.), medium (9 oz.), and large (28 oz.) models.Each model is washable with soap and water. A must for any comprehensive teaching program.

Product : Heavy-Duty Breast Self Examination Model
Brand : Nasco
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Description : A durable breast self-examination model that uses the "teach by touch" method so women can learn the feel of lumps simulated to duplicate real tumors.



Product : Breast Vest
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Product : Facts About Testicular and Prostate Cancer
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Product : Breast Care Flip Chart
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