Product : Clockspring/Bunnell™ Extension Splint
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 554832
Features : Made with stainless steel and padded with felt, this splint is used in the case of flexion contractures. Measure from web space to finger tip. Sold Individually. Latex free



Product : TheraPlus™ Knee and Adjustable Knee Splints
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 7762
Features : are designed to stabilize or increase knee extension and are easily shaped for a comfortable custom fit. Malleable aluminum base, sandwiched between layers of soft foam—no exposed metal. The padded soft goods absorb moisture, preventing skin maceration. Latex free.
Available in two styles:
The TheraPlus Knee orthosis can easily be manually adjusted and readjusted. Simply bend the splint with firm effort to desired position—no heat or tools necessary.
The Adjustable Knee features an infinitely adjustable goniometer, from 0–160°. Hinge is marked in 10° increments to help guide settings.
Each splint includes a knee pad (optional to use), an extra set of washable soft goods and a laundry bag. Latex free



Product : Comfy Cuddler™ Opposition Thumb
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 554714
Features : Fully adjustable “C” bar allows thumb positioning. Elastic strap keeps thumb in place. Length: 14" (35.6cm), Width: 6 1/2" (16.5cm), Wrist: 3" (7.6cm), Forearm: 6" (15.2cm). Latex free.




Product : The Gunslinger™ Orthosis
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 559881
Features : For treatment of multidirectional instability and posterior shoulder repair. Can be quickly adjusted to any combination of abduction, flexion and rotation. Each is independently adjusted. Wide shoulder strap for comfortable long-term wear. The Gunslinger II™ can accommodate up to 45 degree abduction. Recommended for immobilization of the shoulder and arm due to soft tissue injury or repair, brachial plexus injury, post surgical, fractures, fusions or post surgical reconstruction. Includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Latex free.


Product : Foot-Drop Orthosis
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 6180
Features : Anatomically contoured to help prevent heel pressure. Side opening for cross ventilation and visual contact. Polysnap™ strap fastens securely. Flame-retardant vinyl wipes clean with nonabrasive, mild detergent or disinfectant and is ideal for multiple client use, clients requiring infection control precautions, or application of medication. Regular foam can be washed with detergent. Fits either foot. 15¾" wide at base. Gas autoclavable. Latex free.



Product : D-Ring Cock-Up Wrist Splint
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 785801
Features : Heavy canvas on the outside provides firm support; soft cotton lines the inside to allow easy pull-on or one-handed application. Ideal for geriatric clients or those with sensitive skin. One flexible, 6"-long palmar stay. Measure MCP circumference to determine size. Navy.