Product : Ice Cane/Crutch Attachment
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 6452
Features : Multi-pronged cleat aids walking over icy areas. Attachment can be flipped up and out of the way when not in use. Heavy-duty steel. Fits crutches, also. Latex free.




Product : Lema Strap
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 6204
Features : Aids in rehabilitating the stroke client. Assists ankle dorsiflexion, knee extension, hip hiking, flexion, and internal or external rotation. Facilitates the total walking pattern. Must be fitted and used while supervised by a qualified health professional.




Product : Walkable™ the Pediatric Lite Gait® Mobility Frame
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 204001
Features : This mobility device aids clinician when providing therapy to children by applying the latest advances in supported gait training and pre-gait developmental movements and postures. Promotes proper posture, balance, coordination, trunk and lower extremity strength and endurance required for standing and walking. Can be used to support children and ensure proper posture during activities such as crawling, sitting on a therapy ball, and kicking or throwing a ball from a standing position. When used as a dynamic stander, the Walkable Mobility Frame enables children who cannot stand without assistance to interact with others and their environment. The Walkable unit frame height adjusts to 5' to accommodate children up to 4'8" height and maximum weight up to 75 lbs. (34kg). The Walkable Tall unit frame height adjusts to 5'6" to accommodate children up to 5'2" height and maximum weight up to 100 lbs. (45kg). Both frames measure 32"L x 25"W (81.2 x 63½ cm). Outside Width: 28¼". Four lockable casters on both models. Walkable unit weighs 35 lbs., Walkable Tall unit weighs 40 lbs. Optional: Anti-scissoring bar attaches to midpost and will drop down as a feet separator. This bar can move up and down the mid-section.


Product : Cricket™ Gait Trainer
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 17455
Features : The Cricket Training Walker stimulates walking movements, improves opportunities for social interaction and serves as a link to more advanced walking aids. It’s perfect for children ages 2-8 with motor and balance dysfunctions.
The Cricket Walker features quick-release knobs for easy height adjustment. The tension on the wheels can be adjusted to add or reduce resistance for ambulation training. The support ring swings up and away for easy entry or can swing down to encircle child for support. The sturdy steel frame provides reliable support.
Accessories (listed below) are available to customize the Cricket Walker to the child’s abilities. Use of curved seat may eliminate need for trunk support. Adjustment key is included with the Cricket Walker.
Available in two sizes: small and large.

Cricket Walker Small Large
Frame Height: 10.1"-14.0"(25.7-35.6cm) 14.0"-17.9"(35.6-45.5cm)
Frame Height w/Saddle: 13.5"-20.4"(35-52cm) 17.7"-24"(45-62cm)
Max.User's Height: 43"(110cm) 53"(135cm)
Max. Weight's Capacity: 77lbs.(35kg) 77lbs.(35kg)
Support Ring: 8.5" diameter(21.6cm) 8.5" diameter (21.6cm)
Ring Height Adjustment 9"-12.9"(22.9-32.8cm) 9"-12.9"(22.9-32.8cm)
Weight 16.5lbs.(7.5kg) 18.7lbs.(8.5kg)