Product : Baseline® Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 7481
Features : Measures tip, key and palmer pinch scores with repeatable accuracy. The clinician can support the pinch gauge during testing to yield more accurate results. Dual scale shows both pounds and kilograms to 50 lb./22.7kg. Comes with a carrying case for portability and storage.




Product : Baseline® Wrist/Forearm Dynamometer
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 557000
Features : Measure strength of wrist muscles during flexion, extension, abduction and adduction and the forearm muscles during supination and pronation. Other ADL activities can be measured by using the optional adjustable holder accessories (C5570-02 through 05). Door-knob grip is included with the dynamometer. Comes with a table-mounting bracket and carrying case. Latex free.



Product : Baseline® Back/Leg/Chest Dynamometer
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 926617
Features : Designed to measure strength of major muscle groups in the back, legs and chest. Heavy duty base provides sure footing for safe use. Includes an adjustable 20" long chain. Peak strength needle remains at maximum reading until reset. Provides readings in both pounds and kilograms. Standard Base Dynamometer has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. (272kg) and the Large Base Dynamometer has a weight capacity of 660 lbs. (300kg). Latex free.


Product : Jackson Strength Evaluation System
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 555566
Features : Rehabilitation professionals rely on this system to monitor progress during recovery from injury. Industrial testing specialists also use it to assess the ability of job applicants to perform physically demanding work tasks. Features an electronic load cell for accurate measurements of isometric strength and a new programmable microprocessor control, offering user-defined standardized test protocols. Designed to meet the needs of Jackson lift, torso and pull strength test protocols and the lift tasks of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Includes detailed instructions for the recommended strength tests and offers validated, standardized test protocols and normative data. Its lightweight and compact design make the system highly portable.


Product : Standard Handle Cane
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 926644
Features : Scientifically and accurately measure muscle strength with this microprocessor-controlled muscle tester. Records in pounds or kilograms. Measures peak force and time to reach peak. Stores data in on-board memory with browsing capability for up to 52 trials. Automatic calibration routine verifies calibration at 0, 25, and 50 lbs. (0, 11.4, and 22.8 kg) and assures consistent reliability. Variable trial length of 1-10 seconds can be set in 1 second increments, and audible tone cues user. Tester comes with three interchangeable easy-to-clean molded plastic stirrups with pads. Uses one lithium battery with a life of 80-85 hours, and has low battery indicator (unit operates 10-12 hours after indicator activates). Battery included. Size: approx. 3" x 4" x 1.5" (7.5 x 10 x 4 cm). Weight: approx. 10 oz. (260g).



Product : AccuAngle Goniometer
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 7503
Features : Inclinometer is graduated in 2° increments on both sides. Large numbers, adjustable legs and ergonomic design allow measurement from small landmarks. Ideal for measuring and standard recording using the neutral zero method. Includes storage case. Latex free.