Product : Carex EZ Grabber Reaching Aid
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 554841
Features : Picks up a pin to brick with ease. Rotates to get into hard-to-reach or narrow spaces! Ergonomic grip is light and easy to use. Includes wrist support. Non-slip rubber grabber cups has a superior-designed locking feature. Aluminum frame never rusts.



Product : Sammons Preston Rolyan Reachers
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 4107
Features : High-quality, durable aluminum is extremely lightweight. Designed for picking up objects, the reacher's serrated high visible yellow jaw and flexible foam rubber tip conform to the contours of any object, working together to ensure a firm, secure grip. Hands remain comfortable on the ergonomically designed trigger-action handle. Standard model in 26" (66cm) or 32" (81cm) lengths, or choose the 26" (66cm) folding reacher for portability. Standard and long models feature a pulling lug that helps draw items toward the user. All models have a magnetic tip to retrieve small metal objects. Jaws open to 3" (8cm) wide. 1 lb. (0.45kg) or less. Latex free.



Product : BIGmack® Communication Aid
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 92046801
Features : Voice output communicator, ideal for individuals needing a larger target area due to motor, visual or cognitive impairments. This durable, single-message communicator features a 5" (12.7cm) diameter target area, 75 seconds of recording time, and an external speaker jack. Latex free.




Product : The Source® for Dysphagia
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 557258
Features : This revised and updated book covers Medicare changes related to swallowing treatment, and it features detailed educational handouts for physicians, patients, and staff. The book also shows you what you’ll see on Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) and contains new information on how to perform and interpret a modified barium swallow. Contains descriptions of new therapy techniques and references to document their efficacy, as well as special considerations in intensive care and much more! 305 pages.




Product : Dressing Stick/Sock Aid
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 2145
Features : Ideal for hip surgery clients to put on socks, stockings or other clothing. Normal hand function is necessary for fastening garter clips and manipulating socks. Garters are positioned so they release by a simple downward push. Includes circular hand guards for better grip and plastic push-pull hook at the end to retrieve clothing or other objects. Lacquered wood shafts measure 5/8" (1.5cm) in diameter, 34" (86cm) long. Package of two. Latex free.




Product : Easy Glide Writer
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 920720
Features : This pen slides easily along a writing surface using upper arm strength. Slight downward pressure is needed to write. Made of PVC foam, fits any size pen or pencil. Pen not included. 7"L x 5"W x 2¾"H.




Product : Ring Writer™ Clip
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 920393
Features : Consists of two linked rings, one for the finger and one for the implement, that automatically positions and angles the implement correctly for use. Requires little or no gripping ability. Can be used by right or left-handed individuals. Comes in a bag that includes one of each size: small .58" (1.47cm), medium .73" (1.85cm), and large .87" (2.21cm). Made of polyethylene. Latex free.




Product : Hand-Held Economy Magnifier
Brand : Sammons Preston
Model : 555705
Features : High-quality optics at an affordable price. Completely transparent for maximum light and shadow-free viewing; 5x plano convex bifocal lens in handle. Slot in handle for carrying cord (not included).