Blood pressure is a continuously distributed variable and the risk of associated cardiovascular disease likewise rises continuously. The point at which blood pressure is defined as hypertension is therefore somewhat arbitrary.


Product : Human heart model
Brand : Nasco
Model : Sb19255G
Description : A life-size model which is dissectible into two parts. 5" x 5" x 9" on stand.



Product : Death of artery
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB22334G
Description : Use this 9" x 12" model to demonstrate the way arteries can be clogged by deposits of fat. With five hand-painted, fixed cross sections of arteries, you can show patients various stages of arteriosclerosis. As they see the interior size of the vessel diminishing, you can easily explain the disease process of one of the most insidious and potent killers in the western world. Comes with a protective felt cover.



Product : Heart model with card display
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB32595G
Description : Two-piece model opens in half to show inner chambers and valves of the heart as well as aortic arch, superior and inferior vena cava, pulmonary and cardiac veins. 4" x 3-1/2" x 6".




Product : Why BP check
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB32728G
Description : Patients and students learn the importance of blood pressure checks when they see this variety of arteries and a cross-section of the brain. Demonstrates the way high blood pressure can silently lead to heart attacks or strokes.




Product : What You Should Know About High Blood Pressure               Folding Display
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB34581G
Description : Describes the symptoms of high blood pressure, explains its causes, and discusses ways to control it.


What is Cardiovascular Disease?

The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), as defined by the American Heart Association (AHA), include coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and rheumatic heart disease.


Product : Consequences of high blood pressure 3-D display
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB36973G
Description : Life-size, 3-D hand-painted models illustrate the various organs that can be affected by high blood pressure. Great for health fairs and health-education promotions. Contained in its own convenient, sturdy wooden carrying case. Measures 28" x 27" when open.



Product : Heart teaching kit
Brand : Nasco
Model : WA08847G
Description : Use this kit to motivate people in groups or individually to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides through eating less fatty foods. Graphics illustrate the cholesterol content in many foods and demonstrate how to reduce total cholesterol in the diet.



Product : Artery sections with blockage
Brand : Nasco
Model : WA09742G
Description : Motivate people to reduce their cholesterol with this graphic model. Four sections of artery showing different levels of blockage are mounted on a sturdy base.




Product : Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Folding Display
Brand : Nasco
Model : WA17646G
Description : This tabletop folding display helps students, employees, cardiac rehab patients, and others understand cardiovascular disease. It explains the different types of cardiovascular diseases, risk factors, and what can be done to prevent or treat these conditions - giving viewers the information tools they need for a healthier lifestyle.




Product : Heart disease display kit
Brand : Nasco
Model : WA20292G
Description : Explain the progression of arteriosclerosis and heart disease to students using this complete teaching kit. The 9" x 12" plaque provides a graphic visual model of three hand-painted arteries with varying plaque buildup and a life-size heart model depicting coronary blockage.