Product : Urine Pregnancy Test Strip
Brand : USA
Model : Pack of 50's
Features : A pregnancy test is a test to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant.

  • Remove the test strip from the package.
  • Insert the test strip in your urine stream or dip the strip into a cup of urine (follow the instructions on the box).
  • Wait for the indicated time (usually a minute or two).
  • The test strip should have changed colors or be displaying a symbol that alerts you to whether you are pregnant or not.



Product : Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips
Brand : Bayer
Model : 10 SG
Features : The Reliable Choice for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Detection at the Front Line. A multi-center study was conducted to identify patients with potential UTIs. There were 1,887 urine specimens tested comparing the leukocyte and nitrite results of Multistix 10 SG urinalysis strips to urine culture.





Product : Multistix PRO Reagent Strips
Brand : Bayer
Model : PRO
Features : Bayer Multistix PRO Reagent Strips for Urinalysis include test pads for protein-high, protein-low, creatinine, blood, leukocytes, nitrite, glucose, ketone (acetoacetic acid), pH, specific gravity, and bilirubin.

MULTISTIX PRO Reagen Strips are for professional use in near-patient (point-of-care) and centralized laboratory location. The strips are intended for use in at-risk patient groups to assist dianosis.




Product : Uristix
Brand : Bayer
Model : Reagent strips for Glucose & Protein Test pack 50
Features : Reagent strips for the detection of glucose and protein in the urine

  • Simply dip and read.
  • Tests for protein and glucose in urine.
  • A visually read dip stick.