Product : Ambu® Perfit ACE™ Adjustable Extrication Collar
Brand : Galls
Model : IE744
Features : The Perfit ACE™ Adjustable Collar from Ambu. actually adjusts to ANY adult-size neck with 16 different settings ranging from Neckless to Tall sizes. Built-in latches allow the rescuer to size the collar according to the victims neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability.

  • 16 adjustable Settings
  • Stores completely flat
  • Minimizes inventory
  • Color-coded numbering and sizing
  • X-ray, CT, and MRI compatible



Product : Ambu® PerFit™ Tall Size Extrication Collar
Brand : Galls
Model : IE754
Features : The AMBU® PerFit™ Extrication Collar features a numerical sizing system, a rigid, one-piece construction with no post to break, and an extra large trachea opening. Available in six sizes, it folds completely flat for storage. Large genuine Velcro® closures. No assembly is required. New flip chin piece allows intubation and airway management. Clinical studies available, and a video is available upon request. Color-coded pink for Tall to aid in quick size identification.



Product : Dyna M.E.D. Medical Extrication Device
Brand : Galls
Model : IE014
Features : Excellent for complete spinal immobilization during vehicle extrications. Built-in spine board and 22 vertical plywood slats throughout the body splint completely immobilze the patient in a sitting positions until they can be transferred to a spine board.

  • Built-in spine board and plywood slats are protected by heavy-duty vinyl shell
  • Heat-sealed seams clean up easy and reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Quick-release buckles with audile "quick-lock" for application by feel and sound
  • Strength-tested lifting handles and four color-coded straps: red (lower),
    yellow (middle), green (top), and black (leg)
  • Includes two reusable plastisol-coated head/chin straps, adjustable neck pad and carrying case (not shown)