The heart (Latin cor) is a hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. The term cardiac means "related to the heart", from the Greek kardia (καρδια) for "heart".






Product : Life-Size 4-Section Heart
Brand : Nasco
Model : LG02048U
Description : Exact life-size anatomical reproduction cast from a cadaver heart. Highly detailed superior anatomy. Simultaneous viewing of all four chambers and major valves. Transverse cuts promote TEE study. Stand included.




Product : Danny Smith Heart Model
Brand : Nasco
Model : LG02051U
Description : Two times life size! All four chambers are open for internal viewing. 60 coded structures. Rotates on removable base



Product : Life-Size ECG Heart
Brand : Nasco
Model : LG02056U
Description : Plexiglas™ overlay of electrocardiographic surface references ECG leads around axis of heart. Excellent for teaching how the 12-lead ECG is used to diagnose patients with acute myocardial infarction. Life-size anatomical model with superior anatomy. Includes instructor's guide, 10 pocket-size, wear-resistant student guides, and test and assessment material. Permanently mounted on base.




Product : The Heart Multimedia Kit
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB16049U
Description : This junior high/senior high multimedia kit features the exclusive Denoyer-Geppert Heart Model. This model shows exterior and interior views. Three easy-access flaps flip open for internal study of the heart. Chambers and valves are accurately reproduced to scale. Flexible chordae tendinae and cusps permit easy-to-see demonstrations of valve action. Model includes attached sections of the trachea and esophagus. Mounted on a hardwood stand. 18 cm x 18 cm x 38 cm (7" x 7" x 15").




Product : Death of An Artery
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB22334U
Description : Use this 9" x 12" model to demonstrate the way arteries can be clogged by deposits of fat. With five hand-painted, fixed cross-sections of arteries, you can show patients various stages of arteriosclerosis. As they see the interior size of the vessel diminishing, you can easily explain the disease process of one of the most insidious and potent killers in the western world.




Product : Cholesterol Control Teaching Model
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB22335U
Description : This 10-times-larger-than-life, see-through artery model shows a constructed passage clogged with plaque. When the model is turned over, lifelike red blood cells pack tightly around the small opening, just as they would in an artery restricted by atherosclerosis. 2-3/4" x 6-7/8".




Product : Jumbo Heart Model
Brand : Nasco
Model : Sb22700U
Description : A soft, rubbery jumbo heart model - excellent for patient education or elementary science classes. Dissectible into three parts showing anterior, posterior, and inferior views, along with value details usually found only on more expensive models. Includes key card with 27 parts labeled. 11-3/4" H x 8" W.




Product : Denoyer-Geppert Heart of America Plus™ with Coronary Bypass                   Vessels
Brand : Nasco
Model : SB29919U
Description : The only heart model which gives you all these pluses: enlarged to twice life-size for ease of observation and demonstration, making it perfect for patient education; attachable/detachable bypass vessels let you demonstrate single, double, triple coronary bypasses; demonstrate LIMA bypass employing the left internal mammary (internal thoracic) artery; demonstrate bilateral IMA bypasses utilizing both the right and left internal mammary arteries; full internal access to all heart chambers and valves even with bypass vessels in place; and configure model as a normal healthy heart by simply detaching all bypass vessels. Use the bypass tubing, complete with built-in quick-connects, to instantly install single, double, or triple bypasses, representing grafts of the saphenous vein of the lower leg, to connect the ascending aorta to the coronary arteries. To demonstrate the anatomy of the normal healthy heart, simply detach all bypass vessels. Overall dimensions: 7" x 7" x 17".